Extra Activities: Chapel

Chapel weekly update:


The children will be going into church each week to share a special “chapel time” with director, Stacey Letteriello and Pastor Kay Sylvester.

M/W/F  and 5 Day morning students will attend on MONDAYS.T /T children will attend on TUESDAYS

Our visits include singing chapel songs, hearing a special chapel story or “message,” saying a prayer and celebrating children’s birthdays. Lesson plans will be posted on this web site weekly. Please stay in touch to know what your child is learning so you can implement each message into your daily lives. As always parents are welcome to attend our chapel times.

Chapel Bell Rings 

Song: This is the Day 

Chapel Message/ Story 


Birthday Recognition w/ Candles

Closing Prayer

Selected Songs

Recessional:  KumBaYa

WEEK OF: September 28, 2020

We will find out that God created the entire world.


               FIRST DAY –  Day & Night         

SECOND DAY – Sky & Water

    THIRD DAY - Land & Plants

FOURTH DAY –  Sun & Moon

                                 FIFTH DAY –  Living Creatures of the sea and air

               SIXTH DAY – Animals, Man and Woman


“In the beginning God made our beautiful world because He had a plan. God planned for people to live in His beautiful world. He planned for people to enjoy all that He had made and to take care of it. Most of all, God planned for people to love and worship Him. So on the sixth day, God made man and woman."


SEVENTH DAY - God saw what He had done and He was pleased. On the seventh day God rested.


Based on Genesis 1:1



God made the world and everything in it.

God made the land and the sky and sea.

God made fish and the water they swim in.

God made the world and God made me.

God made flowers and God made bees.

God made birds and God made trees.

God made cows and the grass they eat.

God made the world and God made me.


God made the world and God made me.



Our God is so big,
So strong, and so mighty—
There’s nothing our God cannot do.

 The mountains are His;
The rivers are His;
The stars are His handiwork, too.

 Our God is so big,
So strong, and so mighty—
There’s nothing our God cannot do.

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