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About Us​: Our Staff

Staff Picture 22.jpg

Staff at St. Paul's Preschool

Back Row Left to Right: Joanne Bachtelle, Marissa Gillaspy, Pam Christenson, Gail Forbes, Julie Salerno, Mary-Kate Bennett, Trish Delagardelle

Front Row Left to Right: Kristi Carter, Ann Vitarella, Anne Leslie, Dianne Wilhelm, Angie Gunson, Meghan Huffman

(Not present: Benito Olamendi)


 “Growing community through nature; environments and interpersonal relationships. We cultivate a rich, nourishing environment that feeds the mind, body and soul. Through conscious observation, listening and mindful engagement we support the growth and development of each child. We wonder how each child’s experiences at St. Paul’s will impact them as lifelong learners and members of the community.”

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