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St. Paul's Parent Testimonials

My husband and I chose St. Paul’s Preschool as the pivotal building block that would begin the education process for all three of our children. As a first grade teacher, I understand the significance of developing a strong academic foundation that is fortified with hands on learning, active questioning and faith based instruction before tackling the rigor of Common Core Standards at the elementary school level. St. Paul’s has done a wonderful job at preparing our children for a lifetime of learning through creative thinking and relationship building. Our children have been encouraged to be active participants in their education; to question what they experience and to relate it to the world around them. I love that our children who have left St. Paul’s Preschool, do so with an adventurous mind, a confident spirit and a heart centered in Christ.  It is with a joyful heart that I share my recommendation for St. Paul’s Preschool. - Tracy G., Mother and M.A., Ed


St. Paul's is a truly special place. The philosphy, program, physical and emotional environment, teachers and staff at St. Paul's develop children into capable and curious learners. As a kindergarten teacher, the children from this school are exceptional. My children, husband, and I are blessed to be a part of this community. - Annie Pacelli, Mother and Teacher


As a retired kindergarten  teacher, it was important to me to find a preschool program for my grandchildren that was rich in content and allowed them the opportunity to discover, explore, and create in a way that was stimulating, but relaxed.  With a shift toward more academic  kindergartens, I wanted to find a preschool which provided opportunities for developing critical thinking and a love of learning without undue pressure. My grandchildren are in their fourth year at St. Paul’s and every teacher they have encountered has been loving and encouraging.  The curriculum has been rich, varied, and age appropriate.   I have been amazed at the problem solving and critical thinking skills they are developing, along with the self confidence they are gaining in their own abilities. Through the school garden, the music program,  a wide variety of art experiences, hands-on activities, and collaborative learning,  they have been given an excellent foundation in academic skills, and an enthusiasm for learning which I hope they will carry with them throughout their school years. - Judy Swail, grandmother of 2 St. Paul's student and retired elementary school teacher


When I toured St. Paul’s Preschool in Tustin, the first thing that stood out to me was the outdoor classroom.  It was impressive and far from an ordinary preschool playground.  Just strolling through the many sections of the expansive outdoor classroom, it was clear that this school understood the developmental needs of children and designed their school setting to meet those needs.  The outdoor classroom is a place to play, collaborate with peers, explore, learn, run, build, create, connect with nature, engage with animals, and be imaginative.  There is wood instead of plastic, trees instead of metal poles, grass and dirt instead of rubber foam pieces, there is space and a lot of it.  The creativity that this outdoor environment inspires and the opportunities for connection among the children are unending.  The garden is an experience in itself – it is a peaceful haven to rest and reflect, it is full of nourishing foods planted and cared for by the children, and a unique opportunity for the children to learn about growing their own food.    Many parents think that to help their child be successful in our modern world that they need to enroll their preschooler in academic classes, have them sit still and focus so they can learn to read at an early age and do worksheets to get that early advantage.  But that is not how children develop at 3, 4, and 5 years old – they learn through hands-on experiences and play.  St. Paul’s outdoor classroom is a playground for the mind and soul of the child.  It is exactly where I wanted my child to be. - Debbie Lew (Mikayla Lew’s mom and a very satisfied parent from the St. Paul’s TK program 2014-15)


When searching for a school for our first child, we went to many schools.  None of the schools we toured compared to St. Pauls however. Most of the campuses we visited seemed more daycare focused than education focused.  There were preschools in shopping centers, where the children were never more than 20 feet from the parking lot, or the playgrounds were less than 10 feet from a major road.  We were seeking a more natural environment.  St. Pauls is pretty secluded, in fact, we never would have found it if we hadn't moved into the same neghborhood.  Our son has grown so much in his short time at St. Pauls.  His reading and writing skills have grown by leaps and bounds.  He loves the class garden trips and is always eager to help us garden now.  Best of all, he is always excited to go to school.  As we reflect on our decision, we are always happy we chose St. Pauls. - Stephen and Chelsea Metrulas, Parents


As a mother of two children who attend St. Paul's I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience here. This preschool is everything I ever imagined for my children and more. The staff is incredible and the physical setting indoors and outdoors, cannot be matched. Everything they do with the children is full of purpose, and they document all of it over the years with photos and journaling. They encourage and welcome parent involvement of all kinds, which is wonderful to see. In addition to preparing all children for successful learning they also help develop their sensitivities and their character. If all children had the opportunity to attend a preshcool like St. Paul's, the world would be a better place. - Tara Steger, Mother



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