Children's Garden​: Monthly Garden Highlights

Garden News. . .

The month of January & February brought excitement to our garden with a variety of plants producing a bountiful harvest time. With these wonderful gifts from God, lead the children to investigate, discover, and observe what our garden could produce. 

The children gathered in the garden and voted on what they wanted to learn about -  such as topics about flowers, animal food for our pets, food to share, or succulents.

Each category offered a hands on opportunity to go out in our garden to cut, pull, or pick and choose the items they wanted to learn about. You could observe the smiles on their faces or hear responses "I did it", as they discovered their own competence with this simple experience. 

The investigation went on further with the flowers at the discovery table with the use of magnifying glasses & rulers.  The children investigated the flowers, they could see the bugs that visited them, the progression from seed, to bud, to bloom, to the dead flowers which offered seeds to plant again.  We talked about the different parts of the flower and how each flower is made differently.  They combined the flowers they picked to make a bouquet in a vase and give to someone special at our school. We are blessed with so many gifts from our garden. 


After the children picked the foods from the garden they were provided opportunities for tasting new foods such a kumquats, grapefruit, orange juice they squeezed, lemon water, beets, lettuce, & peas. After investigating with magnifying glasses there was discovery about skin color, juice flowing from the food, seed size, and much more. . .There was lots of language about what they knew and my favorite comment came while drinking lemon infused water, "My mom says, you have to stay hydrated", which just opens up another conversation with the children about what it means and how to keep our body hydrated.

Another gift from our garden was food for our bunnies & guinea pig. We went on a hunt for lettuce, Thyme, beet tops, carrot tops, pansies, & dandelion leaves. As we went to the different beds we learned something was coming into our garden and nibbling our broccoli, lettuce, and grapefruit.  There was great ideas and lots of conversation shared. We narrowed it down to squirrels, birds, or rabbits from nature. We learned not all food can be shared with our animals.


With the succulents - we explored where they grow in our garden, and what kind of environment they like to grow in, where they store their water, what do succulents need, along with the silly names for some of them - chicks & hens, elephant bush, jade plant, snake plant, and sedum. The children picked succulents and placed them in potted soil to create a succulent garden to give as a gift to Ms. Anderson. ( Our playground Teacher)

The garden is such a rich environment for discovery and learning and I love the opportunity to work with them and be part of this experience.

Pat Widin

Garden Teacher